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Covid 19 Health and Saftey.

After several months of lockdown, KIH is ready to re-open.
Having as our top priority the health and safety of both our guests and our personnel, we shall implement all mandatory measures for the protection from COVID-19 as they have been protocoled by the Greek government.
Our general guiding principles are:

  • Lower occupancy in order to avoid overcrowds
  • Intensified cleaning and disinfection of all spaces
  • Disinfectant dispensers around the hotel
  • Doctor on call on a 24/7 basis, as needed
  • Facemasks and gloves available to our guests for use, while in the hotel
  • Training of our staff
  • Only clients with booked reservations will enter in the hotel
  • We want to reassure you, that all proper measures will be taken and we are looking forward to welcome you to KIH


  • All staff have been properly trained on dealing with the prevention of Covid-19
  • All staff will follow proper social distancing and personal hygiene policies
  • The management will monitor carefully any updates from the local authorities and will implement them as necessary.


  • Strict cleaning procedures and disinfection of all public areas
  • Rearrangement of furniture to ensure proper social distancing
  • Antiseptic distributors around all public areas
  • Marked reminders on protection and prevention measures


  • In accordance with physical distancing, all guests should maintain a distance of 2 meters from each other. Our lobbies have been marked accordingly.
  • In order to give us time to prepare all rooms in accordance with strict disinfecting guidelines, check out time will be at 11.00 a.m. and check-in at 15.00
  • Upon check-in guests written instructions on measures will be provided
  • Porterage at the moment is not allowed.
  • A proper antiseptic containing a minimum of 70% alcohol will be available at the Front Desk.
  • Front Office employees will work behind a plexiglass separator & they will wear facemasks.
  • All keys, cards, and multiple-use items shall be disinfected
  • Facemasks and gloves will be available upon request.
  • The Front Desk will be disinfected on a continuous basis.
  • For the purpose of speeding up the check-in process, the hotel may contact you prior to your arrival for your individual information (name, passport number, nationality, residence address etc.)


  • Complete disinfection of rooms upon departure of guests. The process will be repeated prior to next guests’ arrival, using  proper disinfection materials. All materials used are non-toxic and allergy tested
  • Meticulous cleaning of rooms upon departure, with emphasis on “difficult”points (doorknobs, switches, remote control, telephone, bathroom etc.)
  • Proper fresh air ventilation of rooms upon departure of guests


  • Hand sanitizer dispensers available at restaurant and bar areas
  • Strict personal hygiene policies for our staff
  • Restaurant and bar areas have been re-designed to reflect appropriate distancing


  • Maintain social distancing
  • Wash and disinfect hands frequently
  • Avoid touching eyes-face-nose.
  • Cover mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing
  • Stay in the room and contact reception if you do not feel well
  • Follow and respect the floor markings specifically designed to avoid coming into contact with other quests.


Welcome to Kerkyra Island Studio Apartments
Home Page.

Nestled at the base of a small valley on the out skirts of Messonghi (Psara), the family-run kerkyra island Studios provide a peaceful haven surrounded by olive groves with a glorious mountain backdrop.Just 900 meters or 10 minutes walk from the resort center & only 150 meters from the sea. 

By evening the apartments bar is filled with the buzz of voices as the guests congregate & get to know each other. Kerkyra Island Studio Apartments are open between May - October. For up-to-date prices and availability please contact Kerkyra Island Studio Apartments. 


Kerkyra Island Hotel Studio Apartments nestled at the base of a small valley


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Studio Apartments from the air Bay and Valley Apartment Garden

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Accommodation at Kerkyra Island Studio Apartments:

Studio Apartments 
The studios are self catering (for 2 or 3 adults) all with hob, kettle, toaster, refrigerator, crockery, cutlery, pans, telephone, bath, shower, WC, hairdryer and balcony. All rooms have air conditioning and free WIFI.

Studios are cleaned and serviced by us.



Kerkyra Island Hotel Studio Apartments nestled at the base of a small valley
Double Studio apartment Twin Bed Apartment double bed studio apartment
Studio Apartment Kerkyra Island Hotel
Studio Apartment
Studio Apartment



Facilities at Kerkyra Island Studio Apartments.
  • Reception is English speaking and staffed 16 hours a day.
  • Groom Service*
  • All apartments have / include:
    • Pillow selection
    • Towel change service
    • hairdryer
    • Satellite TV
  • Baby Cot available*
  • Iron and ironing board available*
  • Wake-up service available*
  • Laundry service (payable locally)
  • Fresh water pool
  • Kiddies pool
  • Sun Terrace with free sun-beds and umbrellas
  • Restaurant and snack-bar.
  • Room service 12 hours per day*.
  • Communal lounge and TV area
  • FREE Internet access in communal areas and appartments as well as an Internet corner with laptop or tablet (payable locally)
  • Cocktail bar
  • Safety deposit boxes available (payable locally)
  • International telephone facility (payable locally)
  • Money exchange facilities

* To make use of these facilities please contact reception.




Kerkyra Island Apartments Cocktail Bar


resturant terrace tv lounge poolside
kiddies pool Covered Terrace Poolside Covered Area
Pool Side covered poolside area Terrace and outside bar
Mushrooms in Red Wine Sauce Pizza Special Corfu PASTITSADA
Mushrooms in Red Wine Pizza Special Corfu Pastitsada
Roast-Stuffed Chicken Fillets Breakfast Vegetarian Pizza
Tuna Salad Cooked Breakfast MOJITO-COCKTAIL
Tuna Salad Breakfast Mojito Cocktail



Entertainment on offer at Kerkyra Island Studio Apartments. 
(Subject to Availability)

  • Greek night with traditional Greek dancing
  • BBQ
  • Karaoke nights
Traditional Greek Dancers

Traditional Greek Dancers
Traditional Greek Dancers



Messonghi Corfu

Psaras Village Corfu
Psaras is a traditional Village with a small stone-made harbour, more than 100 years old. Located 1KM from Messonghi village and offers hospitality and relaxing holidays.


Messonghi Village and Corfu Island Messonghi 
The village of Messonghi is situated on the east coast of Corfu, south of Corfu town.Unlike a number of the other southern costal resorts in Corfu, which have developed around the busy southern coastal road, the village of messonghi benefits from a location which sees the road bypass the village approximately half a kilometre inland leaving the village to nestle peacefully against the coast line while taking advantage of the ease of access and transport opportunities the coastal road brings to the other resorts.

Messonghi is relatively unspoilt by tourism, and still retains the welcoming characteristics of a Greek coastal village. You will find a variety of tavernas both on the sea front offering lovely views across to the Greek main land. Look out for the spectacular thunder and lightning storms on the mainland, its not uncommon to see spectators sitting at the variety of beach bars and taverners watching the light show during the islands warm summer evenings.



Psaras Coastline Psaras Coastline psara
Psaras Village Coastline

Messonghi Beach

Messonghi Village Messonghi River Messonghi Beach
Messonghi Village, River and Beach
There are also a number bars and tavernas set back from the coastline and a a variety shops and supermarkets, there's even a bakery. Public telephones are scattered around the village, mobile phone reception is generally good, and the village is service by busses, with the bus stop in the centre of the village. Facilities are extended further as all the villages' hotels have an open door policy so you can take advantage of their pools, restaurants and bars should you so wish. While the nearby town of Moraitika has banking, facilities cash machines and a post office. Two resorts for the price of one: If a busier nightlife of disco bars and nightclubs is what you seek then the resort of Moraitika is within easy walking distance. Built around the main highway and is approximately half a kilometre away.

Corfu Town:
21km buses run from messonghi every hour and cost about £1.00, taking a little over an hour to reach the town. Alternatively taxis can be booked on your behalf by the Kerkyra Island Hotel or if you wish, you can pre-book at the taxi Rank in Moraitika, and cost about £15.00 and take about half an hour.

20km Transfer time vary dependant on the number of drop off points, but typically take about 1 hour.

Corfu (Kerkyra) Island History

Modern Greek KERKYRA , ancient (Latin) CORKYRA , island in the Ionian sea, with adjacent small islands making up the nomos (department) of Corfu, Greece. Lying just off the cost of Epirus (Ipiros) it is about 36 miles (58 km) long, while its greatest breadth is about 17 miles(27 km) & its area 229 square miles (593 square km). Of limestone structure, the island is mountainous in the north & low in the south.

Mouse Island Corfu

Corfu Messonghi Village CXorfu Town
Corfu Town Corfu Town Messonghi Village

Its northeastern protrusion, close to the Albanian coast, trends east-west & reaches a peak in Pandokrator Mountain (2972 feet{906 m}); the other range, in the island’ center, is lower.

The island is well watered, fertile, and reputed to have the most attractive countryside of the Greek islands. Olive trees predominate, but figs, oranges, lemons, grapes, corn (maize) are also cultivated. Exports include olive oil, fruit, grain, & wine; Corfu’s manufactures include soap and textiles.

Modern KERKYRA, the chief city, port, and the capital of the nomos, lies on a peninsula on the east coast.


The twin-peaked old citadel, with fortifications built by the Venetians (1550), was once an islet. Its old town, with its labyrinth of hilly, narrow streets, is a seat of a Greek metropolitan and Roman Catholic bishop. The name Corfu is an Italian corruption of the Greek coryphai (crests).

According to legend, the island was Scheria, home of the Phaeacians in Homeric epic. A Corinthian colony established about (734 BC) supplanted a settlement of Eretrians from Euboea. Proudly independent and even hostile to its mother city of Corinth, the new colony was reduced (c.600BC) by the Corinthian tyrant Periander, but later it regained independence and devoted itself to commerce.


Corfu took no active part in the Persian invasion (480 BC) of Greece, but in 435 it sought the assistance of Athens in a quarrel with Corinth, a request that became a primary cause of the Peloponnesian war.

Corfu quit the war in 410, but a new alliance with Athens 375 resulted in hostilities with Sparta.

After 303,the island changed hands several times for a quarter century. Seized in 229 BC by the Illyrians it was delivered by the Romans, who retained it as a naval station and made it a free state. In 31 BC Octavian (later the emperor Augustus) used it as a base against Mark Antony, but his foundation of Nicopolis Actia on the site of his victory caused Corfu to lose a great deal of its prestige.


The island’s favorable position between Greece and Italy attracted powers from east and west. In succession it fell to Goths, Lombards, Saracens, and Normans and was fought over by the Kings of Sicily and the Italian city-states of Genoa and Venice.

In 1204 the island was annexed to the Greek despotate of Epirus but passed back to King Manfred of Sicily 1259 and then 1267 to the Angevins of Naples. Venetian sovereignty was restored in 1401.

Upon the dismemberment of the Venetian republic 1797, Corfu was assigned to France, but the French garrison soon was expelled by a Russo-Turkish fleet. Incorporated into the Napoleonic empire 1807 it became a British protectorate after the emperor’s final defeat 1815 British administration displeased the inhabitants, however, and in 1864 Corfu was ceded, with the other Ionian Island’s to Greece.



Corfu map


Booking Enquiries.

We take direct bookings.

For up-to-date prices and availability please contact Kerkyra Island Studio Apartments.

Postal Address:
Spiros Markatis 
Kerkyra Island Studio Apartments
Corfu- 49080

Telephone: 0030 26610 76173

Fax: 0030 26610 76778


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Kerkyra Island Hotel Studio Apartments nestled at the base of a small valley






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